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            ◎  Products list

           ●  Aluminum foil tape
           ●  BOPP Packing Tap (can...
           ●  Double sided tape
           ●  PET Protective tape
           ●  Foam tape
           ●  Special adhesive tape
           ●  PE film
           ●  PE adhesive protectio...
           ●  PE self-adhesive prot...
           ●  Shrink film
           ●  Jumbo Rolls
          Zhejiang Deyang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd
          Tel:0574-63688086 (Adhesive)
          Tel:0574-63688085 (Thin film)

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          Commitment 2 hours response within 4 hours of feedback home 24 hours door-to-door service

          accessories factory direct guarantee pure accessories


          1, new product launch period, provide free product knowledge training for your
          2, the initial installation and debugging to provide free technical support and training for
          3, the daily repair and maintenance matters needing attention training

          technical service network

          experienced wind professional and technical personnel to provide fast and considerate after-sales service

          ervice telephone: 0574-63688091 0574-63688086